Edge of the Universe

Chords used in the following version (in order of appearance): G, C, Em, Am, D7, Bm7, B7  -- Capo 1


                  G                                       C

You have gone to the edge of the universe,

           Em                                    Am   D7

And I swear, I will follow even if it hurts.


I have tried and so I know 

                Em         C

There is nothing worse

          Am               D7                  G

Than waiting for you to come home

             G                                C

I wake up to the roar of my racing thoughts,

               Em                                        Am         D7  

Drive to work, sip my coffee in the parking lot.


But then it's up, up, and away 

              Em    C

Like an astronaut

Am             D7                      G

Set out to bring you back home.

  G                                      C

I float over Mars and its blood red dunes,

                Em                                                  Am          D7 

Then I'm flung round the sun toward the distant moons.


I will face the blackest hole 

      Em          C 

If it leads to you

            Am             D7                       G

'Cause I need to bring you back home.

Em               Bm7           Am         D7

I've tried to sit at your hospital bed

            G                 Am               D7

By the body that's missing its soul.

             Em              Bm7                       Am               D7

Oh, but how can I stay when you're light-years away,

                G                  Am             D7

And you can't find a way to get home?

           G                                             C

At my desk there's a body, and it works all day

             Em                                              Am        D7 

And its brain crunches numbers automatically,


But I am gone. I'm at the heart 

            Em     C

Of the Milky Way 

Am           D7                       G

I've gotta bring you back home.


I will burn through the miles to find you, Love.

                   Em                                     Am     D7 

No, I won't linger in the beauty of a nebula. 


I'll push on toward the lights 

            Em      C

Of Andromeda. 

Am                    D7                    G

One day I will bring you back home.

             Em                 Bm7                   Am         D7

'Cause I've come to dread that old hospital bed,

                     G              Am                D7

Where your body still waits for its soul.

                      Em             Bm7           Am         D7

Please, can we be the first in the vast universe 

           G                  Am                     D7

To go right to the edge and back home?

                    B7                                     Em

Oh, there's nothing as cruel as old gravity

                 B7                                                         C

And how many times I've asked him to have mercy on me

                      Am                                         D7

That I might meet my baby beyond the stars.

                        G                                       C

But you have gone to the edge of the universe.

           Em                                   Am           D7 

Now I see I can't follow even though it hurts.


I give up. I'll stay here, 

                           Em          C

Though there's nothing worse

          Am              D7                  Em

Than waiting for you to come home.

              Am               D7                  Em

I will be waiting for you to come home.

                        Am              D7                  Em 

And I'll go on waiting for you to come home...

Chords adapted from Joey McGowan as found on UltimateGuitar.com and edited by Reina herself!